The law, like other creative fields, allows expressing an idea in innumerable forms. I offer a positively aggressive and individual approach to problem solving. My work as a practicing lawyer is characterised by a creative, as opposed to a formal approach, proven by amicable settlements reached in numerous litigations and positive results in many tax planning cases.


My principles of work are speed, the element of surprise and an individual approach to every client. I believe that standing still means moving backwards.  There is a reason behind Latin proverbs  – knowledge is power and work well done brings joy.  I assess each case from different  points – that of the client, the lawyer, the auditor or the opponents. This helps in reaching the desirable result. Confidentiality has a special role in my work.


We live in times when legal provisions and case law undergo fast changes. The speed of response, accurate assessment of conditions and the offer of an unbiased solution assume vital importance in both administrative and civil procedures. The interpretation of newly implemented legal provisions demands an innovative and multi-faceted approach; therefore I follow the law-making processes and offer the best solutions to my client.


Sincerely yours,


Andis Auza