Arbitration & ADR

A good and effective opportunity for judicial dispute resolution is arbitration or other forms of alternative dispute resolution, which allow saving both time and resources. Moreover, it is a way for finding the best solution, by appointing arbitrators selected by the parties, who specialise in complex fields, such as infrastructure development and construction, real estate, navigation and transport, as well as insurance and finances.
Alternative dispute resolution is among the main fields of specialisation for Andis Auza. He has taught arbitration and alternative dispute resolution at the University of Latvia for more than 10 years, which has allowed him to study this field in-depth. Likewise, Andis Auza is an author of scientific publications and a PhD student at the University of Latvia.
Andis Auza has been an approved expert of the Group of Arbitrators of the Convention On The Settlement of Investment Disputes Between States And Nationals Of Other States by the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as an Arbitrator at the European International Arbitration Court since 2003. He has also been repeatedly appointed as an arbitrator in institutional and ad hoc arbitration courts.
Andis Auza offers his clients representation in Latvian and foreign arbitration courts, and in other procedures of alternative dispute resolution. He provides opinions on applying types of alternative dispute resolution and advice on the dispute resolution mechanisms offered by various international arbitration courts, such as — ICC in Paris, the Arbitration Court of Stockholm Arbitration Institute, the Arbitration Court at Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce (MKAC), Latvian arbitration courts, UNCITRAL arbitration court regulations applicable to ad hoc procedures and disputes within the framework of ICSID Convention, as well as other institutional arbitration courts and other types of alternative dispute resolution as mediation and reconciliation of parties.