Lecture courses
Sharing experience and knowledge brings a special kind of satisfaction, through altruistic assistance and work towards increasing the level of education on alternative dispute resolution and litigations. Attorney-at-Law Andis Auza has been lecturing for over a decade at the University of Latvia on arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.
This experience has allowed to prepare a course of lectures, which Andis Auza is willing to deliver not only to law students, but to share his experience and knowledge with a wider circle of people interested in these issues.
Advice and litigation
One of the main missions of an Attorney-at-Law is representation of the clients’ interests. Therefore on some occasions Andis Auza is ready to provide legal advice without reward in cases, the outcome of which could be significant to the interpretation of legal provisions. This also applies to preparing applications to the Constitutional Court of Latvia and other judicial institutions.
If applicable, please send an application for review to